The Supportive Art R-evolution


Art is as good and essential as food.
We need art as much as we need food.

An international art and philanthropy project joining artists, cultural operators, art collectors and actors in the food supply chain who firmly believe and claim that art is essential for the physical, psychic and spiritual wellbeing of all individuals.
Art will claim its place in people’s everyday life from counters and shelves of supermarkets in different parts of the world simultaneously, in order to recreate a physical relationship in a time when contact is forbidden or restricted.
Artists cannot survive just on digitalization of their works or performances in front of a screen, as much as a cooking show on TV cannot feed people watching.
A world unaware of how art and culture are essential for life is a world unable to deal with the challenges the future has in store for us. Our future begins with artists, and it’s time to consider them World Heritage, to defend them as such.
Only imagination and a new way to see things can make us grow up together, dream of us as both individuals and a community, find out a new language which unveils the interdependent dimension we live in and turns it into a compassionate and supportive world.